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HMS now has a new facility within which members can raise and resolve queries and exchange information.

This is structured as a forum. Gain access through the members’ area: on the line of tabs above, click on “Member Area” and log-in. Please make sure that, under Account Details, your “display name” is your name and amend if you are given an arbitrary name or code. Then click on the “Interest Groups” tab that displays as soon as your are logged in. Instructions are displayed there and can be accessed again whilst you are using this new facility.

Historical Metallurgy is now on-line

  • online at HMSjournal.org

  • All Historical Metallurgy content is free to access online

  • Historical Metallurgy has no publication fees for authors

  • Printed copies of Historical Metallurgy are also in full colour

Historical Metallurgy relaunched as a platinum open access journal in January 2022. This means the journal is free to access and free to publish in. Although anyone can now access Historical Metallurgy for free, it is now clear that readers and authors are continuing to subscribe to the society. HMS membership is a declaration of support for open access and free-publication by a non-commercial organisation. Historical Metallurgy  is positioned to be the premier outlet for research in any branch of historical- or archaeometallurgy.

The Historical Metallurgy Society is offering new membership bands to accompany the digital journal, to encourage the global community of historical metallurgists to take a stake in the success of the innovative venture. The new platform will achieve rapid publication of the work of researchers from around the world, whilst maintaining the Society’s long-standing reputation for high-quality publication and robust peer review.

HMS is a dynamic and exciting international forum for the exchange of information and research in historical metallurgy. For over fifty years we have covered all aspects of the history of metals and associated materials from prehistory to the present. Our members’ interests range from processes and production through to technology and economics, in a range of specialisms including historical research,  archaeology and conservation.

About HMS

The Historical Metallurgy Society provides a forum for the exchange of information and research in historical metallurgy. It aims to gain recognition for the subject from the community at large and to be consulted when issues of preservation and recording arise.

Research and Publications

Provide a forum for the exchange of information and research of our historical metallurgy, through our publications


Through our collection of datasheets and links to other resources

Networking and Education

Hold regular conferences showcasing the latest research and providing networking opportunities


Provide guidance and advice on the protection for our historical metallurgical heritage

Grants and Donations

Through our HMS awards grants for activities that further the aims of the Society.

Resources and Collections

Provides physical and digital access to our library, collections and archive resources

Links to our latest

Upcoming HMS Events

Historical Metallurgy Society visit to the Ruhr region, Germany

20th – 22nd September 2024
Duisburg – Hagen – Bochum, Germany

Details here

The 110th  HMS Crucible is now available online here.

Welcome to the HMS website!

We continue to update our new website. The aim is to produce an easy to use website, with new features and content. We are always keen to improve so if you can’t find anything or hit any snags please let us know here.

Some members have had problems renewing their membership online, for which we apologise.

Note for people registered on the old website.

The accounts from the old website have now been transferred across, so when renewing your membership you can do it on-line.  Members may need to ask the system for a password reset (or indeed a password for the first time). The system should recognise the email address that the Society holds. If not please email HMS from here.

This also applies to members who may have inadvertently allowed their membership to lapse. (The new website will offer you an opportunity to pay arrears of subscriptions.)

Back issues of Historical Metallurgy can be obtained free of charge at our Shop

Archaeometallurgy in Europe 2024

11th – 16th June 2024
Falun, Sweden

Click here for details

European Mineralogical Conference

18th – 28th August
Dublin, Ireland

Includes a session on ‘Archaeometry: Geoscience-based approaches for studying the human past.’

Click link for details

Historical Metallurgy Society visit to the Ruhr region, Germany

20th – 22nd September 2024
Duisburg – Hagen – Bochum, Germany

Details here

International Materials, Applications and Technologies (MIAT) 2024 Conference

30th September – 3rd October 2024
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

With a session on Archaeometallurgy and Ancient Metalworking organised by the ASM Archaeometallurgy Committee.

Click here for details

HMS Research in Progress Meeting 2024

22nd November 2024


The Research in Progress Meeting provides a forum for everyone working on topics related to ancient and historical metallurgical practices, the past use of metal objects, and related fields.

Click here for details

The Legal Stuff

The Historical Metallurgy Society Ltd is a Company limited by Guarantee (No 01442508) and a registered charity (No. 279314) Our registered office address is Linden House, Eridge Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8HH.

The Articles and Memorandum of the Society can be downloaded here or are available on request from the Honorary General Secretary. Email: secretary@historicalmetallurgy.org

Any personal data collected by the society is used purely to provide the services of the society. We do not share data with outside sources for advertising purposes.