Frequently Asks Questions

If you have any questions not covered by those below please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to register to become a member?

Yes, to become a member you need to register using our website. This comes with the benefits mentioned below. We have decided that new members need to subscribe using our website as this will allow members to keep their own contact details up to date, and allow us to communicate with you more easily.

If you want to donate to the cause without registering you can use the donation facility on the grants page.

What do you do with my details?

We only ever use the information you provide when becoming member to provide you with the benefits of your membership. We will never share your details with anyone outside of HMS for other purposes, and will not allow your details to be used for commercial purposes (for advertising or otherwise).

HMS will use your email address as the primary method of contact, so please give an email address that you check fairly regularly. We may occasionally write to you or give you a call using your phone number provided, if we can’t contact you by email.

Do I have to re-register if I was registered on the old website?

Unfortunately with the change in website host and system it was not possible to move over the accounts (including passwords) from the old website. Therefore to renew online you have to pretend you are a new member entering all your contact details again. This will not create two accounts as our membership secretary will use this new information to crosscheck with the database held offline.

What do I get for being a member?

You get to be part of a community, and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance membership. You will also receive copies of our newsletter The Crucible and our Journal Historical Metallurgy. There are also discounts for HMS members at our conferences.

What if I am a lapsed member?

If your membership has lapsed, renewal is easy. HMS will have a record of how many years you owe so you can contact our membership secretary who can tell you how much is owed.

You can then subscribe using our join us page (if you have not moved onto the new online system) or renew by login on (top right), and choosing the renew option.

If you owe more than a year’s subscription you can add a donation, to your subscription at the basket before paying. Alternatively, you can pay for another year in a second payment using the dedicated donation function on the grants page – the PayPal system should have space for a note so just say that it’s a past subscription payment.

What does my membership help pay for?

As well as supporting the costs of running the society (journal, conferences and so on) your subscriptions also go to further our charitable purposes. General funds are usually reserved for the functions of the society but are also sometimes used to top up grants, student prizes and other charity work.

I don’t want to pay using PayPal, is there another way?

The version of PayPal we use has a function where you can pay using a card if you don’t have or want a PayPal account, you might be asked for an email address to use this function but this is so that PayPal has an address to send the receipt to. This method does not store your contact details.

Alternatively, you can contact our membership secretary about other payment methods for HMS membership.

Can I change my contact details?

Yes, simply log in (top right) or by clicking here. On your membership page you will find options for changing your email address, password, address among other details.

I have forgotten my password can you help?

If you have forgotten your password it can be reset here, as long as you remember the email address that you used to register with.

I have forgotten my password and email address. What do I do?

You will have to email the web manager at this point, please provide your name and address so that I can find you on the database. It will then be possible to send you an email to reset your password (and remind you what email address you used).