Our Members Pages

Here you will find details of our members, past and present. Things have barely changed in HMS and our members are just as interested in the subject, and its waste product slag, as our original founders. If you are a member and would like to have a page please email the HMS web team.

Past and Present

HMS Members

Eleanor Blakelock

Interested in all things to do with Anglo-Saxon metallurgy (more…)

Our Members Research

Our members are often involved in research or conservation projects. This section of the website hosts summaries and links or references so you can find out more.

HMS Members Projects

Anglo-Saxon urban vs rural knives research

Eleanor Blakelock describes the results of a comparison between urban and rural Anglo-Saxon iron knives…
HMS Members Projects

Staffordshire Hoard Research

Research into the gold surface treatment identified in the Staffordshire Hoard (more…)
HMS Members Projects

Mycenaeans and their Precious Metal Vessels

Christina and Stephanie describe the results of their reassessment of our view of Mycenaean vessels…