Purchase Historical Metallurgy Journals

Please be aware  that Historical Metallurgy is available, free, on-line at hmsjournal.org.  Initially the most recent editions will be available, but within a short period all volumes will be available as downloadable pdfs. (Some of the earlier volumes will only be available as image-pdfs in the first instance. These can be obtained, free, from this shop.)

Readers who prefer printed paper will still be able to purchase printed journals (see below). However, please note most early issues are completely out of print.

Readers and librarians who wish to purchase longer runs of printed editions should email shop@historicalmetallurgy.org for a reduced price deal.

Below is our list of Historical Metallurgy Journals. Click on the journal itself to view its contents, and to purchase individual articles within. You can also search through our journal for articles with specific themes or authors. Alternatively, a searchable pdf content list is available here.