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Rchard Williams

I have just sat through an hour of blood-boiling lecture by Jenny Bulstrode (Greg Denning Lecture 2021) in which she verbalises the paper.

The points that stand out as new.

1.  She says that prior to Cort’s work nobody recycled iron in Britain, it was cheaper to make it from new!!!!!

2.  She actually showed a contemporary picture of sugar rolls, see attached.  Grooves definitely longitudinal.

Nobody queried her argument directly, although the chairman asked her about the difference in quality between African and Swedish iron.  She waffled.  Somebody did ask if anybody had challenged her thesis in the time since she wrote the paper, and she said yes, but she did not clarify.  She also said something about a more technical paper being produced since her initial one.  I think that the one we have all been talking about must be the one she means.  Technical indeed!

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