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Ray Powell

I have been looking at the indexes to the Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica
I have found entries for John Reeder regarding his petitions. (The actual contents of the Journals do not seem to be openly available but the indexes give enough information regarding the content)

Like his petitions in England, there is no reference to any inventions regarding the processing of iron. This implies that he did not think anything new had been done.
Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica:
From 21st October 1777 to 23rd December 1783

Reeder, John—
Petition respecting his bond to the public, referred to a committee, 513;
report made, and referred to committee on state of the island, 540 ; resolution, 564.

Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica:
From October the 19th 1784 to March the 5th, 1791

Reeder, John (10 Sess. A. 1785.) — Petition respecting his improvements in making sugar, referred, 102, (v. Murray).
— — — ibid.)—Petition respecting the dismantling of his foundery, referred to committee of accounts, 131;
report made, and referred to committee on stare of the island, I44;
resolution, 145, (v. Receiver-general).
(1 Sess. A. 1787.)—Message from the lieutenant-governor, in regard tn Mr. Reeder’s memorial to the lords or the treasury, on the same subject,
referred to committee on state of the island, 343;
resolution for a message to his honour in answer thereto, 344; message sent. 345.
(1 Sess. A. 1790.)—Petition for a bill to secure to him the benefit to arise from his discovery and invention of a varnish for copper,
and of jointing the seams of copper .without solder,
referred to a committee, 566 ; report made, and bill ordered , presented second reading appointed, committed, 569;
considered; reported, ibid..; passed, and sent to the council, 570; a (assented to, 571.