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Hello everyone!

Peter King suggested I join up as it seems you have reached some of the same conclusions about Bulstrode’s paper as I have. I took some time to look at her principal primary sources and have written about them in a paper which you can read here:


Since you’ve been discussing the movements of the Jamaica convoy, I thought I’d share the attached spreadsheet, which compares the ports of arrival with the list of destinations published before the ships departed. The arrivals are all taken from Lloyds List (which Ray Powell posted earlier in the discussion here). It’s a bit rough and I think there are a lot of spelling mistakes, but you might be interested nonetheless.

Of the 161 listed merchant ships which sailed in the convoy, 94 reached their destinations and 4 arrived at a different port than intended. 35 of them either foundered, ran aground, were lost, taken, or re-routed due to damage etc. I wasn’t able to trace 28 of them.

There’s a lot more detail which could be added about the various groups which split off and their movements, but I think life is a bit short for that!

Anyhow, nice to ‘meet’ you all and thanks for the opportunity to share this.


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