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Historical Metallurgy Journal 14.1

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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 14.1

1 Calenick: A Cornish tin smelter, 1702 to 1891. R.F. Tylecote
17 The metallurgical examination of a Bronze Age gold torc from Shropshire. J. Lang, N.D. Meeks and I.M. Mclntyre
21 Cylindrical shaft furnaces of the early Wealden Iron Industry: circa 100 BC to AD300. J. Gibson Hill
28 The Iron Industry of East Denbighshire during the early eighteenth century. J.T. Turley
34 The story of 11/14% Manganese Steel Rails. B.H. Stonehouse and R E Sherwood
39 The carbon reduction of fully oxidized chalcopyrite (copper) ores. W. Rostoker and M. Sadowski

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