Historical Metallurgy Vol. 19.2


Historical Metallurgy Journal 19.2

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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 19.2

153 Melting tin in the West of England: a study of an old art. B. Earl
162 Some early tin ingots, ores and slags from Western Europe. N. Beagrie
169 The apparent tinning of bronze axes and other artifacts. R.F. Tylecote
176 XPS depth profile analysis of the surface decoration on a Pre-Columbian gilded gold copper alloy pectoral. K. Gillies and D. Urch
186 Prehistoric and medieval iron production: reaction processes in the production of iron ores in low shaft furnace. N. Bjorkenstam
193 HM Tower Armouries: wrought iron cannon production. R. Smith
196 Number 46235, LMS Steam Locomotive City of Birmingham: metallurgical notes. B. Alexander
199 Alloys and the motor trade: 1900–1950. A. Street, I. Hughes and R. Blackwell
202 Transformer core steels. M. Wise
204 Extracts from a Notebook of Personal Recollections. D. Flather (edited by K.C. Barraclough)

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