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Bulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group Vol 4.1

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Bulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group Vol 4.1

2 Metal mining in the west of England. J.H. Trounson
4 The history of mineral processing in Cornwall. F.B. Michell
12 Some observations of the structure of ancient steel from South India and its method of production. K.N.P. Rao, J.K. Mukherjee and A.K. Lahiri
18 Preliminary Research findings relating to the bloomery period of the iron industry in the upper basin of the Eastern Rother (East Sussex). C.S. Cattell
21 Metallurgical aspects of Chalcolithic copper working at Timna (Israel). A. Lupu
24 Recent work on early ironmaking sites in the Stamford area. R.F. Tylecote
28 Excavation at Stoney Hazel, High Furness, Lake District, 1968–69, an interim report. M. Davies Shiel

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