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    Peter Crew

    Members may like to know that the report on the Coffinswell Currency Bar Hoard, South Devon has, at long last, been published:- Crew, P and Quinnell, H, 2002, ‘A Hoard of Iron Currency Bars from Coffinswell, South Devon’, Proceedings Devon Archaeological Society, 80, 41-75.

    Abstract: A hoard of Iron Age currency bars was found due to ploughing in 1990. It was excavated, lifted intact and removed to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, then to the Ancient Monuments Laboratory, London, where it was cleaned and conserved. This paper presents details of a small group of Late Bronze Age copper ingot fragments found nearby and of the currency bar hoard, with discussions of its metallurgy and its broader context. The currency bar hoard is of particular importance as it is the only hoard in Britain to have been excavated under controlled conditions.

    There are contributions by Alison Hopper-Bishop, on the excavation, lifting, cleaning and conservation of the hoard, and by Peter Northover and Chris Salter on the LBA ingot fragments.

    The paper can be downloaded from

    Paul Rondelez

    Thank you Peter!

    Jonathan Prus

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