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  • John Lovett says:

    Hi Matt Phelps and the Crucible team. Just seeing if the Historical Metallurgy journal is coming back into publication soon. I sent a paper “Both Push & Pull” your way right before the editor change and then Covid (2018 … and so on) . Assuming you are coming back on, I would love to send an updated submission your way. By the way, I take rejections pretty well, so “I’d love to send” is not meant to imply that you will find it good. If the journal is down for a bit longer, I’ll probably send it elsewhere. Just wanted to see what the status of Historical Metallurgy is.


    John Lovett

    • ellieadmin says:

      Hi John

      I have forwarded the message on to Matt and the Journal team. They are still working on journals but have been a bit slower given Covid and work commitments.

      Best Wishes
      Ellie (HMS Website Manager)

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