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Contains: *Burghmote Copper Alloy Horns. *Black-Patinated Inlaid Bronzes From Korea. *Understanding the lost wax technique through ethnographic study. *Textile Textured Silver Ingots. *Bronze Age axes in action.

The Crucible: Issue 99

Winter 2018

Main contents include…

  • Burghmote Copper Alloy Horns.
  • Odong – Black-Patinated Inlaid Bronzes From Korea.
  • Understanding the lost wax technique through ethnographic study.
  • Textile Textured Silver Ingots: A technical investigation into how these textures came to be on some Viking hoard ingots.
  • Bronze Age axes in action.

also to be found…

  • One Minute Interview – Vincent Pigott.
  • Meet your Council – Matt Phelps.
  • Obituary for Henry Cleere.
  • A Letter from… (Egypt in) Prague.
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