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Historical Metallurgy Journal 15.1

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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 15.1

1 Metallographic examination of medieval and post-medieval iron armour. C.W. Brewer
9 Ironmaking in Ringwood, New Jersey. J. Chard
12 A 19th-century Scottish blast-furnace in Iran. G. Weisgerher
16 Blowing Engine at Bedlam Furnace, Ironbridge, Shropshire. S.B. Smith
18 Wiltshire iron: 1855 to1949. R. Day and W.K.V. Gale
39 An Oliver at Warley, West Yorkshire, AD 1349–50. H. Jewell, D. Michelmore and S.Moorehouse
41 Iron smelting at Isthmia. W. Rostoker and E.R. Gebhard

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