Historical Metallurgy Vol. 17.1


Historical Metallurgy Journal 17.1

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Journal Contents

Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 17.1

1 Iron smelting in Western Africa: Ivory Coast. S. Zacharias and H.-G. Bachmann
3 A new cover for the Old Furnace
4 Excavations at Abbey Tintern Furnace: Part 2. J. Pickin
12 The Norton Ironworks and the casting in 1856, of the first Big Ben Bell. D.M. Tomlin
20 The Beam Blowing Engines of the Neath Abbey Iron Company. L. Ince
23 Melting/smelting of Bronze at Isthmia . W. Rostoker, M. McNallan and E.R. Gebhard
28 Neutron activation analysis of ancient Chinese bronze seals. L.S. Chuang, L.S. Kwong and I.C. Wong
38 Robert Bakewell 1682–1752. R. Wood
39 The Saint-Maurice ironworks, Canada. P. Beaudet
42 Late deliveries and customer complaints in the ancient metals industry of the Near East. E. Minoff
43 A new bell-founding workshop
44 Alloy composition of cast latten objects, 15th/16th centuries. R. Brownsword and E. Pitt
50 Iron blooms in the North-West Passage

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