Historical Metallurgy Vol. 19.1


Historical Metallurgy Journal 19.1

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Journal Contents

Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 19.1

8 Copper 1: Alloy to pure metal. R. Chadwick
11 Notes on alloy developments. A.E.W. Smith
12 Copper 2: Brasses, bronzes and nickel silver. S.G. Temple
17 Copper 3: Manganese bronze propellers. A.H.R. French
23 Copper 4. Steam condenser tubes. P. Gilbert
28 Copper 5. Other alloys. W.O. Alexander
31 Zinc alloys. 1900–1950. A. Street
37 Notes on die-cast zinc disintegration. M. Goodway
39 Aluminium 1: aluminium alloys 1900–1950. F. King
44 Aluminium 2: Hiduminium and RR Alloys to 1950. W.M. Doyle
48 Aluminium 3: the development of alloys. G.M. Young
57 Magnesium: development and production. F. Fox and G. Levis
65 Nickel: 1900–1950. E.J. Bradbury
72 Tungsten and high density alloys. A. Prince and D.J. Jones
85 Hardmetal: the history to 1950. E.J. Sandford
90 Alloy cast irons: 1900–1950. I.C.H. Hughes
97 Tool and high-speed steels: 1900–1950. S.R. Keown
104 Alloy steels: 1900–1950. D. Dulieu
115 Notes on Stellites. M. Riddihough
116 High alloy. Stainless steels. J. Truman
126 Alloy steels: the Sheffield connection. S.R. Keown
134 Early blast-furnace notes. C.R. Blick

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