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Bulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group Vol 2.2

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Bulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group Vol 2.2

61 A treatise on iron ore as found in the bogs and swamps of Norway and the process of turning it into iron and steel (1782). O. Evenstad (trans N.L. Jensen)
66 Romano-British ironworks at Bedford Purlieus. G.F. Dakin
68 Metallurgical examination of a spoon auger from Letchworth, Herts. R.F. Tylecote
70 Chemical analysis of 31 large bronze coins minted between AD 294 and 307. L.H. Cope and H.N. Billingham
73 A note on prehistoric casting moulds. H.H. Coghlan
74 Technical terms used in the brass mills in the Saltford and Keynsham areas. J. Day
76 Further excavations at Ariconium. A.P. Garrod and N.P. Bridgewater
78 A preliminary report on the metallographic examination of four fragmentary Early Iron Age sword blades from Llyn Cerrig Bach, Anglesey. J.N. McGrath
81 Iron smelting in the Nigerian Early Iron Age Site at Taruga, Abuja Emirate. R.F. Tylecote
83 The phosphorus content of iron from the bloomery site at West Runton, Norfolk. R.F. Tylecote

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