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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 8.2

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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 8.2

75 Notabilia in Essays of Oars and Metals: a 17th-century manuscript. C.S. Smith and B. Wallraff
88 Notes on the development of metallographic studies of ancient iron. B.G. Scott
92 The metallographic examination of a Burgkmair etching plate in the British Museum. A.R. Williams
95 Materials testing in classical Greece; technical specifications in the 4th Century A.D. G.J. Varoufakis (communicated by M.L. Pearl)
96 The present day production of wrought iron. G.R. Morton and R.G. Birt
103 The production of steel in Britain by the cementation and crucible processes. K.C. Barraclough
112 Evidence of ironworking at Braughing, Hertfordshire. R.C. Tribbick

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