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These are the current details we have for you, please correct them asap if there are any differences to ensure you keep recieving HMS benefits.

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[pcud-cond-block f=”delivery-business-institution” cond=”!=”]Business/Institution [pcud-user-data f=”delivery-business-institution“][/pcud-cond-block]

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Billing Address

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[pcud-user-data f=”billing-address-1“] [pcud-user-data f=”billing-address-2“] [pcud-user-data f=”billing-town-city“] [pcud-user-data f=”billing-county-region“] [pcud-user-data f=”billing-postal-code“] [pcud-user-data f=”billing-country”][/pcud-cond-block][pcud-cond-block f=”billing-address-needed” cond=”!=” val=”1″]You currently have the same billing and delivery address.[/pcud-cond-block]

Other details

Student extra information

[pc-pvt-content allow=”PCPP_6608″ warning=”0″ message=”This area is for student subscriptions only.”][pcud-cond-block f=”university-attending” cond=”!=”]I attend [pcud-user-data f=”university-attending“]. My supervisor is [pcud-user-data f=”supervisors-name“] and their email address is [pcud-user-data f=”supervisors-email“].[/pcud-cond-block][pcud-cond-block f=”university-attending”]We currently do not have any information about your University or Supervisor. We only use this information to check that you are a student and eligible, or if we need to find you due to changes in address (which happens more often as students move during their courses) to give you your copies of The Crucible or Journal .[/pcud-cond-block][/pc-pvt-content]

Gift Aid

Donating through Gift Aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It will not cost you any extra. It however only applies to UK tax payers.

I am a UK tax payer

[pcud-user-data f=”uk-tax-payer”]

I have agreed to give gift aid

[pcud-user-data f=”gift-aid”]
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